WMG steps back from Spotify

Warner Music Group have declared it will take a step back from free music streaming services.

Companies like Spotify, We7 and Last.fm give instant access to free, legal music by some of the worlds biggest artists, which is funded by adverts.

WMG have  said they will now stop licensing it’s music to these services, WMG who own music from artists like, Metallica, Seal, Sum 41 and Green Day haven’t made it clear whether they will just remove their music from excising services or decide not to make future deal about new music or with new services.  WMG,  and other music publishers, currently receive a fee for each song played (Some esitmates have said £0.085p per track) WMG have stated that this income is far less compared to what they would be receiving if each person was downloading the track or they were getting income from a based subscription service.

It certainly seems to me that this move is two steps back for the music industry, we should be looking forward in terms of new media in a way that allows consumers to easily get hold of the music they like. My only hope is that the other big music companies do not follow suit.

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