My Date with Drew – Movie review

My Date with Drew is a 2004 documentary film starring Brian Herzlinger.

The film follows Brian Herzlinger, a man who has been crazy about actress Drew Barrymore since he was 8 and also part of her fan club since that age. Brian, while appearing on a game show, won $1100 with the winning answer being Drew Barrymore. This was Brian’s light bulb moment, he decided to combine his two passions Film Making and Drew Barrymore to try and get a date with Drew.

Brian uses his $1100 to buy the most expensive camera he can find and with Circuit Cities 30 day return policy, it allowed him 30 days, until he had to return the camera, and $1100 budget to make the film. We follow Brian as he tries to get a date with Drew by following the “Six Degrees of Separation” rule, using friends of friends to achieve the ultimate goal.

This is an extremely good hearted film and follows Drew’s own saying “If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul.” The film had me laughing all the way through, partly because of Brian’s Geeky persona and partly the situations he gets himself in. One memorial part is where he is speaking to his ex-girlfriend, who has called him out of the blue, and he tells her of his plan to go out on a date with Drew Barrymore. The subsistent phone calls had me in stitches.

I would certainly recommend this film to everyone, but if you’re into documentary film making then this is must watch. As it shows you what you can achieve on a small budget.

I give this film 4.5 Drew heads out of 5

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