One World, One Photo

One World, One Photo is a project put  together by Connar O’Keeffe.

It aims at gathering Photo, Painting, Sketch and Sculptures from people all over the world, to be used in a book as part of a Uni project. It doesn’t matter whether the submitters are artists or non-artists, all submitted work is welcome.

The idea of the project is to “bring together the talents of those recognised artists and non artists. Art today is controlled mainly by those that have had a formal education, based in an art school. Yet it is apparent that there are incredibly talented people who aren’t trained artists that take photographs, paint, sketch and make sculptures. I want to put these people side to side with those who are ‘ARTISTS’.”

This is a fantastic project that brings together like minded people from all over the world into a Global community.

So Visit and submit you piece today!

(Just a disclaimer from OneWorldOnePhoto website,

“All the rights to the images will remain with the person who provided the image.  By agreeing to let One World One Photo use your image for this project you are providing consent for the use of the image and not the sale of the image. One World One Photo is strictly non-profit. Your images or copyrights will not be used at any point to create profits for myself or others.” )

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