Heavy Rain Review

Heavy Rain is an Action adventure/ interactive drama game developed by French video game developers Quantic Dream.

The game revolves around four main characters; an FBI profiler named Norman Jayden, a retired private detective – Scott Shelby, an architect – Ethan Mars, and a photo journalist named Madison Paige. All playable characters are said to be looking for a serial killer known as “The Origami Killer”.

The demo consists of a tutorial with two in-game levels where you play as two of the four main characters. You follow both Private Detective Scott Shelby and FBI Special Agent Norman Jayden as they individually try to track down the Origami Killer.

Now down to the nitty gritty;

Presentation 9/10 – From only playing the demo you get a sense that the story is going to be epic, and vast array of outcomes leads you to believe that your actions will determine the overall feeling of the game. One thing I really like is FBI Special Agent Norman Jayden’s evidence finding glasses/glove, it adds that certain uniqueness.

Graphics 9/10 – The graphics in this game, for the most part, are stunning. The facial complexity is awe inspiring. There are, however, some low res textures present but it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall look of the game.

Sound 9/10 – The voice acting is very good, the characters are believable with the voices they’ve been given.

Gameplay 7.5/10 – From previously playing Fahrenheit it is evident there has been vast improvements but the unusual and unnatural way of controlling the character often leaves you frustrated (Holding R2 to walk just doesn’t work). The action scenes, on the other hand, are thrilling, they keep you engrossed in the game and a part of the action.

Overall 8.6/10 – I will certainly consider buying this game, the graphics, presentation and action scenes are a definite HIT! Heavy Rain looks to be a game that is going to challenge the norm.

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