Is 3D worth the extra money?

I have to be honest and say I have only seen one film in 3D so far, and it was the hugely popular Avatar. I would take a guess and say it may have been a lot of people’s first time experience with 3D in a cinema.

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RealD glasses with circularly polarised lenses.

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people would remember getting, when they were younger, a pair of anaglyph glasses (the one with Red and Cyan filters) in some sort of comic or magazine, it’s also safe to say that the majority of the time the results were terrible. In November 2009 Channel 4 started a week of broadcasting using similar anaglyph glasses, this time amber and blue filters to “allow full colour viewing”, again it semi worked but was largely disappointing.

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3D in the cinema works in a slightly different way, they use a circularly polarised projection and glasses system and this allows the viewer to see the film in its full colour beauty.

Avatar’s 3D was perfectly done, it wasn’t to ‘in your face’ and was easy to watch. The 3D enhances the illusion of depth perception and allows you to emerge yourself in the film.


To answer “Is 3D worth the extra money?” I paid £10.10 for two tickets to see Avatar 3D and according to Empire Cinemas website it’s £1.50 extra per seat for a 3D film. I think the additional £1.50 to see a exceptional film like Avatar is well worth it, whether I will see every film that has a 3D option is up for debate, but in the case of Avatar is was well worth the money.


What do you think of 3D?, what have you seen and what did you think of it?

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