BBC iPlayer doubles viewing figures in 12 months

This month BBC iPlayer has doubled it’s requests from 61.5 million in January 2009 to 120.3 million in January 2010.

iPlayer viewing figures graph.
Graph showing iPlayer viewing figures. (Click image for more info)

iPlayer is the BBC’s on demand television service available to license fee payers. It went live on the 25th December 2007 after having been in open beta for over a year. The BBC had hoped programmes would be watched half a million times in the first six months. This turned out to be a gross underestimate, as 3.5 million programmes were streamed or downloaded in the first three weeks alone.

The wii and PS3 iPlayer application account for 4% and 8% of the views,respectively, while PC is dominant with 79% and Mac being 9%.

People watching television over the internet, and especially BBC iPlayer, show no signs of slowing down. With all the UK terrestrial channels having their own catch up services and Ch 4 and FIVE releasing it’s content on Youtube, I can see the introduction on ‘web only’ content on all catch up services in the near future.

How often do you use it? Is it easy to search and find the programmes you’re looking for?

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