Odeon decide not to show new ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Tim Burtons new ‘sequel’, Alice in Wonderland, will not be screened at Odeon cinemas in the UK, Ireland and Italy.

Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Jessie Willcox Smith’s illustration from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This comes after Disney’s plan to reduce the amount of time it can only be shown in cinemas from the standard 17 weeks to 12 weeks. Odeon currently have 107 sites with 834 screens in the UK and Ireland.

Vue and Cineworld cinema chains have come to their own agreements with Disney to show the film.

Previous Controversy

Disney are also facing opposition in Belgium, the Netherlands and the US with it’s similar plans. It is also not the first time Disney have caused controversy, they attempted to do the same for animated film ‘UP’ but dropped it plans after UK cinemas threatened not to screen another of its titles, A Christmas Carol, later in the year.

Disney are not the only studio to have faced opposition over shorten theatrical exclusivity, Odeon and Vue removed Ben Stiller’s ‘Night at the Museum’ after 20th Century Fox shortened it’s exclusivity to 13 weeks.


Disney claim this is a move to prevent people from downloading the film illegally stating that ‘if cinemas stop showing the film before the 17 week exclusivity period, audiences do not have legitimate way of watching it’

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