‘Take Only Photographs’ … appearing at Artinavan

Take Only Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprints’ is to be shown at the smallest cinema in the world(tbc).

Brixtons Smallest Cinema: AIAV
Brixtons Smallest Cinema: AIAV

I am extremely pleased to say that AIAV (Art In A Van) have chosen our film to be shown at the 4 day long event in Brixton starting on the 2nd March and ending the 6th. The film and will be screened alongside a variety of films, from short films to feature length, documentary, video performance, Art, animation or narrative.

Who are AIAV?
“Artinavan// collective have converted an empty shop in a 1930’s indoor Brixton Village Market into a weekly rotating installation space. The shop 72 // 4TH AVE. will be displaying contemporary works from the Artinavan// collective as group installations, individual shows, collaborations with emerging and local artists / curators in the south London area and also visiting artists spaces. The not-for-profit project will be running for 8 weeks (Jan. – Mar. 2010)”

If you’re interested it going along; The Brixton Village is on the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road.

Address to the shop:
Unit 72, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton
London, SW9 8PS

For more information go to artinavan.co.uk

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