YouTube could be banned in the UK

An amendment to the Digital Economy Bill could see sites like YouTube and Vimeo blocked from the UK.

YouTube Logo
YouTube Logo.

In the new amendment we will see big TV and music companies having the right to demand their material be taken down, the copyright holders will ask the ISP and the website itself to take down their material. If it is not taken down, a court order can force the ISP to block the site.

The law is aimed at sites which host a ‘substantial’ amount of copyright material. It is, however, unclear as to what ‘substantial’ means and we could see entire sites being blocked over some minor claims.

Secretary-general of the Internet Service Providers Association, Nicholas Lansman, said: ‘Our members are extremely concerned that the full implications of the amendment have not been understood.’
As ISPs will have no other choice but to block these sites as not doing so would result in huge lawsuits against them.

This is indeed another stake in the heart of democracy, where we see multi-billion dollar organisations ruling governments.

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  1. That would be a terrible thing. I think the music / video companies have a opportunity to make money on video sharing sites such as Youtube. And they can make a substantial amount from it. Taking it off youtube won’t make them anymore money.
    They need to update the way they look at the internet. and move with the times

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