Top 5 Werner Herzog films! (Part 3)

*Drum Rolls* The one you’ve all been waiting, for My Top Werner Herzog film!

1. Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

Encounters at the End of the World
Encounters at the End of the World poster.

Werner Herzog travels to Antarctica to shoot a film as part of the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program. This is no ordinary travel documentary, if you haven’t noticed by now Herzog does not do ‘ordinary’, Herzog states at the beginning of the film that

‘The National Science Foundation invited me even though I made it clear I would not be making another movie about penguins.’

Herzogs fascination with the Antarctic was through Henry Kaiser, whose underwater footage we see in ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’, he meets physic professors, who at the Antarctic are fork lift drivers and bankers who become bus drivers. Undeniably the stars of this film are the Antarctic itself and it’s creature above and below the ice. One of the strangest moments of the film is when we see a penguin heading towards a mountain range, completely in the opposite direction of the feeding grounds or nesting areas, the penguin researcher explains that even if they were to capture the penguin and bring him back he would always walk that way towards the mountains, toward his inevitably death.

The reason this film gets the no.1 slot over any other is simply because the underwater footage is absolutely breathtaking, It’s a part of nature that we never get to see. We all to often focus on the animal swimming within the sea where as Herzog focuses on so much more. Herzogs unusual interview technique allows us to see the real character of the people he’s interviewing, he’s not bothered by what they have to say but the story behind the person.

I highly recommend this film, If you want to explore the world of Werner Herzog this is a great starting point. Watching it in HD is also a must.

Enjoy the trailer below.

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