Just Cause 2 – Demo Review

I’ve finally got round to playing the Just Cause 2 demo, I’ve got to say I’m strangely but pleasantly surprised by it.

Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2 cover.


Having not played or heard of the first game I looked upon this game with an open mind, The demo features an area of 35sq miles located in the desert. There are light aircraft and many civilian and military vehicles available. The demo begins when Bolo Santosi, leader of the rebel group known as the Reapers, issues instructions to the player to cause chaos. There is a 30 minute time limit, but this can be extended by achieving several goals, such as 10 headshots, 5 melee kills, base jumping or climbing great heights with your parachute using the grappling hook.

So far from what I have played the idea of the game is about pure destruction, causing as much chaos as possible, the grappling hook is an unusual gimmick. It reminded me of he ‘Long shot (?)’ in Zelda, but it works quite well in the game and is easy to use.


Just Cause 2 looks like a very unique game, whether it’s unusual style will put gamers off remains to be seen. Personally I wouldn’t go out and buy this game full price, if I would it in the pre-owned sections then it would be worth picking up.

From the short 30 minutes I got to play it, I would give Just Cause 2 a 7.5/10

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