‘The Razorbax – Something To Believe In’ Album Review

If you’re sick of all the X-Factor rubbish in the charts, clogging up the air ways, then ‘The Razorbax – Something To Believe In’ is the album you need to buy. Each song is delivered with the intensity of people who love what they are doing, you can feel the raw passion from the music.

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The quality of this album in both the actual recordings and art work would put some well known acts to shame. The album is 12 tracks of pure honest rock ‘n’ roll that ‘deals with the struggles of the unemployed, drug/alcohol addiction, love, lust, heartbreak, life, death. ‘

The Razorbax are definitely a band to watch out for, with great live performances, a great sounds and great album it’s not going to be long until they get the recognition they really deserve.

Track List:

Available to Download and listen at Spotify/Amazon/iTunes et al

For more info on the band razorbax.co.uk
To buy the physical CD nova-caine.com

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