Pay £ to get 40mps broadband?

I saw this article in the news recently link about a small village which raised £37,000 to offer 200 homes the super-fast broadband that BT would not deliver.

Ethernet Snake by shadphotos
Ethernet Snake by shadphotos.

Recently there has also been talks about a broadband tax so that the government could afford to offer everyone 2mps broadband. I’d be perfectly happy to pay a broadband tax if it were going to vastly improve the service, I pay for 16mps at the moment ad get between 10 and 16, so why would I pay for something that isn’t going to improve mine.

Why not aim to give everyone 40mps because then we’ll have an internet speed that will last a long time rather than 2mps which will need to be upgraded only years down the line.

I’d like to know whether or not you would band together with your local community to pay for faster broadband?

Image by shadphotos

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  1. Personally, I wouldn’t, no. The connection I have is fine and for me, superfast would be excessive.

    If it became available in my area, I’d compare broadband and see what packages were available and if I could get something better for less or the same as what I was paying, I’d upgrade. I’d be daft not to. But I’d be just as daft to pay more for something I didn’t need.

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