Does Avatar’s Blu-ray success look like bad news for 3D TV?

Avatar sold 1.5 million copies in Blu-ray on it’s first day of going on sale. Along with an additional 2.5 million DVD copies being sold.

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Does the Avatar’s popularity on Blu-ray show that 3D is a format that we’re only interested in seeing at the cinema? This story seems bad news for 3D TV manufacturers, as the 3D version will not be available until early next year.

3D TV technology is new and 3D television are expensive, it’s also not surprising that far more DVD were sold than Blu-ray, showing that audiences either aren’t too interested in HD to spend more money,or haven’t made the leap into buying a HD/Blu-ray player.

It certainly might be sometime before 3D films will be the biggest buys, as Blu-ray is still playing catch up. Personally I’m not interested in buy a 3D TV at the moment simply because 2D works and looks fine and it has done for years and years.


Are you excited for 3D TVs or are you happy with the one you have at the moment?

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  1. I think you’ll be surprised how many people picked up 3D movies when they come out. It’s similar thing with DVD and Blu-ray. How many people when a picked up their favourite film on DVD when it came out even though they had it on video. Like how many people when out and got their favourite film on Blu-ray even though they had it on DVD. I reckon you’ll see a similar take up.

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