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Like me, I guessing a lot of people have heard of Rhett and Link through their funny Youtube videos, and with 67 million views I would be surprised if you hadn’t.

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Well in 2008 they released a film called ‘Looking for Ms. Locklear’, a documentary about their search for their first grade teacher, Ms. Locklear. The film went on to win the Southern Lens Award from South Carolina Public TV, which led to the film screening on PBS in South Carolina. The film also won audience choice awards at the ACE Film Festival and the Secret City Film Festival, and won 2nd place documentary at the Secret City Film Festival, as well as receiving official selections for several more.

I think the idea of going back and meeting your first grade teacher is something a lot of people would like to do, I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of my primary school teachers at my Year 6 Teachers 40th Birthday, after not having seen any of them for nearly 10 Years.


The film is an enjoyable 57 minutes long, a comment that they make in the extras is that they had cut it down to 90ish minutes but decided to cut it down to 57. All the deleted scenes you can watch on the DVD, nothing seemed like it was out of place or put in there to pad the story out.

One thing I really like it when they go to a antiques/junk store and film a whole section there with the owner but the sound messes up, they decide to leave it in the film anyway. It lends itself to the film as a sort of reinforcement of their opening statement that they had always wanted to make a film ever since they knew each other, they weren’t pretending to be seasoned professional, they were being themselves and being true and honest. A trait I’m sure Ms. Locklear had imparted into them as that young age.

The people who we are introduced to along the journey are a delight to watch and certainly some of them seem a bit loopy, but nonetheless cheerful and happy to help. Rhett and Link do a great job of narrating the story, you feel like you’re on exactly they same journey they were on. They are the same comedy duo we have come to know and love but you get more of a personal insight into their lives.

Final thoughts

I would certainly recommend that you watch this film, and certainly if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, as it shows what you can do with a very small budget and a lot of determination.

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