Simple Cup Converter App Review

For Christmas I bought my Mom an ice cream maker and along with that a Ben and Jerry’s icecream receipt book.

Screen shot
Simple Cup Converter screen shot

There was only one problem with such a gift, the receipts use cups for measurements. Not being American myself, I am more familiar with ounces, grams and millilitres.

This is where the Simple Cup Converter app came in handy, it easily allows you to convert any unit of weight into another. Another problem with converting cups into grams is that one cup of flour and of cup of sugar do not weight the same. The Simple Cup Converter app has this easily covered by allowing you to choose what you are weighing from and endless list of ingredients.

This app does truly make cooking easier. It’s elegant design certainly makes it stand out from all the other unit conversion apps out there.

On a score out of five this app deserves nothing less than a five. My reasoning for this is because it simply does what it says on the tin and the best thing about it is that it is FREE.

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